Tara Golf Association
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Suggestions for Improving the Playing Time at Tara Tournaments      

   updated May 2015

1.      Arrive at the course at least 20-30 minutes before your starting time and be ready to tee off at your scheduled time.

2.      Playing time for 18 holes should not exceed 4 ½ hours.

3.      Ready golf:

a.      Play ready golf on all tees.  (honor system not necessary)

b.      Go to your ball and be ready to play when it is your turn.

c.       When putting, if it is within inches putt it out rather than mark it or make it a gimmie if all players agree.

d.      Maximum per hole is 10, when you reach   8 strokes on the fairway, pick up and drop your ball on the edge of the green and putt.

e.      Write your scores on the next tee while other players are teeing off.

4.      Lost balls:

a.      2 minutes at the most for looking for balls OR just drop a ball at the point of entry and add one stroke.

5.      If your group cannot keep up to the group in front and the group behind are waiting for you, let them play through either on the hole or at the next tee.

  1. The person closest to the pin takes the flag out and the first person to putt in puts the flag back in.
  2. If some members are not interested in the competition style, we could have a Vegas style for a more social game.  You would have to let me know if you are interested in this style when you sign up for the tournament.

These small things will make the day more pleasant for all players.  Five to six hours to play a round of golf is unacceptable and that has become the norm for many Tara foursomes.

Thanks to all for your co-operation.

Joan Tousaw

Handicap Chairperson

(c) 2016 Tara Golf Association